Glory to You
(c) 2005 by Lisa Chaddock  and Kenny Carter

          D                                     G
I will worship You, Lord, I will sing to You
             Bm                 A                  G
Lift my praise to You, glory to You Lord
           D                                         G
In the morning sun, and when the day is done
                   Bm           A                   G   A 
You're the Holy One, glory to You, Lord

D/F#        G                                  Em7
From the mountains high, to the stars in the sky
As each day goes by
G        D/F#   A
Glory to you Lord  

D/F#   G                             Em7
In the darkest night, I still see Your light
In awe of Your might
G        D/F#   A
Glory to You Lord (repeat Chorus)

                  D                                     G
There's no secret here, Your love's always near
             Bm               A                 G
And it's all so clear, glory to You Lord
                D                               G
Your Son gave it all, saving us from the fall
          Bm                   A                    G  A
Jesus voice still calls glory to You, Lord


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