Today Is the Day (Of Salvation)
(Kenny Carter)

Today is the day of Salvation
Not tomorrow or the next day, or even yesterday
Oh, today is the day of Salvation
Tomorrow might be too late.

And a I met a man
Who said he wished he'd read the Word
In his youth
He said if I had
Then God might have saved me
But I said to him don't you know
That you can leave your past behind
But then he put it off until some more
Convenient time.






And I used to feel
That Salvation was for later on, in the years
When you're old it just might soothe your fears
But I got to thinking, we're not even guaranteed tomorrow
And what you're surely gonna reap is, what you sow.

And a good man went out early
Seeking workers for the vineyard
For a wage
And he hired others all throughout the day
And he paid them all the same
Now what this says to me is this:
That if you're still in sin and strife
It's not too late
Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord
And you can still receive
Eternal life. 


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