Worthy Is The Lamb 
Intro: Em9- G -Em9 -G

G                                  C        G/B
Thank You for the cross Lord
Thank You for the price
D      G
You paid
                            D/E      Em7
Bearing all my sin and shame 
     D              C
In love You came
          Am7      G/B  Dsus4 D
And gave amazing grace

 G                                 C      G/B
Thank You for this love Lord
                                     C    D 
Thank You for the nail pierced
Washed me in Your cleansing
Em7            D    C
Flow, now all I know
                 Am7         G/B   Dsus4 D/F#
Your forgiveness and embrace 


G                       D/F#
Worthy is the Lamb
Am7        G/B    C2
Seated on the throne
D                    C              G/B
Crown You now with many
         Am7 Am7/G D D/F#
You reign victorious
G                          D/F#
High and lifted up
Am7     G/B      C
Jesus Son of God
          D                C 
The Darling of Heaven
G/B C Dsus4
                          Am7 G/B C
Worthy is the Lamb

                           Am7 G/B D
Worthy is the Lamb(to top)
Last time:           Am7 G/B Dsus4
Thank You for the Lamb
                          Am7 G/B C
Worthy is the Lamb
                         Am7 G/B Dsus4 
Worthy is the Lamb
                         Am7 G/B D G
Worthy is the Lamb

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