What A Day 
(Phil Keaggy)   Intro: Am7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Fmaj7 E7-9
Am            E7      Am         D9
When I get Home I will see all
G           Bm7        Esus4 Eaug
The holy men I read about.
Am          E7     Am                      D9
Peter and John, James, Luke, and Paul
G                 Bm7            Esus4 Eaug
And brother Tom without a doubt.
               Am7                 G/B
And I do believe there will be
        C                D
King David at the harp
G             Bm7               Esus4 Eaug
A song of praise with every chord.
                       Am7          G/B
What a sight to see, the redeemed and
       C                     D       Gmaj7
The angels gathered round worshiping the Lord.
C         G/B Am7     G
What a day that will be
Am7 G/B C  D  C/E  D/F# Am7
Oh  what  a  day that will    be!

Instrumental interlude: Am7 Dm7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7 Fmaj7 E7-9
When we get Home, our Eternal Home
There'll be no more sick and dying.
No one is sad, no one is alone
And there will be no more crying.
He will wipe away every tear
From His children's eyes
And put a smile upon their faces.
What a happy day when we see
Our Lord in Paradise
Crowned as King of Kings.
What a day that will be
Oh what a day that will be!

G                Am7
What a day, what a day,
G/B                        C
What a day that will be..........






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