(Lisa Chaddock/ Kenny Carter)
      G               D                 C2
We hold Your truth in our mind
      G               D               C2
We hold Your love in our heart
G          D                  C2
Ever to stay in Your presence
G          D                       C/E - D/F#
Ever to praise You, our Lord

G                     C     G            D
We have Your victory in our lives
Em G/B           C      G         C
We have Your victory over death
             Em D
We give glory
     C            G/B      Am7
We give our lives to you,
      C/D     D/F# G
Oh Lord, Oh     Lord

       C G D                  Em
Alleluia! Singing with angels,
C                      G
Saints and archangels
       D   Ebdim Em
The victory is won!
G/B C G  D                  Em
Alleluia! Praise to the Father,
Son and the Spirit,
                      G D C2 G D C2
The victory is won!



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