Trust In the Lord
(Proverbs 3)
(Kenny Carter)

C               G D C                      G D C
Trust in the Lord,    with all thine heart
                       G      D    C     D      G   D C
And lean not unto thine    own understanding
                  G D C                      G D C
In all of thy ways,   acknowledge Him
                     G D C D           G 
And He will direct, direct your path

             C/G              G
My son forget not my law
                   C              D          G
And let thine heart keep my commandments
                    C            D                 Em
For length of days and long like and peace
               C            G
Shall they add unto thee
           C/G                       G
Let not mercy and truth forsake thee
                            C              D                         G 
Bind them on your neck, and write them on your heart
       C    D            Em
And you shall find favor
                      A                                C
In the sight of God and in the sight of man

Trust in the Lord. . .

           C/G                    G
Be not wise in thine own eyes
             C                D            G
Fear the Lord and depart from evil
               C           D       Em
It shall be health unto thy navel
       C                   G
And marrow to thy bones
               C/G                G
Honor the Lord with thy substance
                    C                 D         G
And with the first fruits of all thine increase
                  C D       Em
So shall thy barns be full
             A                                        C
And thy presses shall burst with new wine

Trust in the Lord. . .

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