Quiet Moments  (Lisa Chaddock/ Kenny Carter)
Verse 1 
In these quiet moments 
             Bm7                                 G
When I turn my thoughts to You, Lord 
   D                       A/B Bm7  
I find my worries fading   
  Em7                 A
Away into Your light 

Bm7 D/F#      G
I      feel Your presence 
                   D/F# G D/F# Asus4 A
I know that You are with me 
          Em7           A                        D
And I know I am precious in Your sight 

Verse  2   
In these quiet moments 
            Bm                                  G
I know there will come the day, Lord 
D          A/B Bm7         Em7              A
I will be standing with Jesus face to face 

Bm7 D/F#         G
I      know Your friendship 
                     D/F# G D/F# Asus4 A
In know that You're my Savior 
              Em7       A                G D
For You give me grace upon grace
                 G  D
So much emotion 
                 Bm7            D/A      A 
When the Holy Spirit talks to me 
D/F#          G D
I know, my Savior 
        Bm7                 A
You came to set me free 

D/F#                   Em7 Bm7 
Your Word calls me 
                D/A             Asus4 A
With the Holy Spirit guiding me 
It's like sailing 
             A                            D
On the brightest, warmest sea 

Verse 3   
In these quiet moments 
                  Bm7                      G
I know the peace surpassing all 
D           A/B Bm7                 Em7           A
I will be praising You for the rest of my days 

Bm7 D/F#            G
I        know Your comfort
                   D/F# G D/F# Asus4 A
I know that You're eternal
   Em7        A               G D
Again and again, I am Yours  (chorus)

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