Psalm 4
(Jarrett Hucks/ Kenny Carter)

G                        D/F#
Hear me when I call
      Em7                              C
O God of my righteousness
G                   D/F#                 Em7          C
You have enlarged me when I was in distress
                          G                                       D/F#
O ye sons of men, how long will you turn
        Em7         C
My glory into shame;
But know the Lord has set
                   D/F#              Em7           C
Set him apart that is godly for Himself.

                     Em7               C
Offer the sacrifices of righteousness
        Em7                               Dsus4 D
And put your trust in the Lord
C                                 Em7 D
Thou hast put a gladness in my heart
     Em7   C           Dsus4 D
I will lay me down in peace.
G D/F#                               
Hear me when I call,              

                                Em7 C
Hear me when I  call

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