Let Me Know You

(Lisa Chaddock/ Kenny Carter)

          Em                     C              D
The brightest of stars You are

Em                    C                      D
The faint-est of hearts you  reach
        Em                C                     D
The deepest of hopes  You give
   Am7 G/B        Dsus4 D
The loveliest Word You teach

The promise of life You are
 The smallest of lambs You reach
 The deepest of loves You give
 The loveliest truth You teach

  Cmaj7 D
I honor You -
             Em7             Bm7
I invite You into my life
I wait for You
I yearn for You 

           C/E  D/F#  G
In my heart
             Cmaj7 D
In all I see

             G       D/F#      Em
In all I hear I look for You
                 C  Dsus4
Let me see all
                      C/E D/F#   G
Let me know You in my life. 

The brightest of days You are
 The hand of a friend You reach
 The soul and the breath You give
 The lessons of life You teach

The sun and the earth
You made
The greatest of needs
You meet
The whispering voice
You are
The greatest of joy
You bring


Em      C      D
Only You Father 
Em      C       D
Only You Jesus 
Em      C                 D
Only You Holy Spirit 
C/E D/F# G

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