Jesus You Gave It All

Words and Music by Craig Gower

 A/C#     D            G
ord I lift my voice in praise to You

               A/C#        D               G
For the love You placed inside of me

             A/C#      D             G                Em7     D/A     A
Lord I give my life    My heart and soul to You alone

               A/C#    D                   G
And with every breath that comes from me
A/C#          D           G
Will flow mercy and Your grace

        A/C#        D            G     Em7
Proclaiming love and liberty

       D/A                        G/A     D
For all who have an ear to hear

               Gmaj7 A/G Gmaj7 A/G
And Your love

Stirs faith and hope in me

                   Gmaj7 A/G Gmaj7 A/G
And Your grace

             Bm7                         A/B      Bm7
Brings power to set this sinner free

                   Gmaj7 A/G Gmaj7 A/G
And Your blood

             Em7 D/F#   G                          D/A      A         A/C#     D         G
Pours joy into my life, Jesus You gave it all for me

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