I Am Convinced
(Kenny Carter)
D9(no 5th)            E        F#m7
For lo I am with you, with you always 
D9(no 5th)              E F#m7
Even to the ends of the earth 
       D9(no 5th)          E         F#m7
As the Father has loved me so have I loved you 
   D9(no 5th)      E F#m7
Continue you in my love. 
    D9(no 5th)                        E     F#m7
For whenever two or more are gathered in my name 
         G        Bm7      D/E
There am I in the midst of them;

For I am convinced that neither death, 
    E         F#m7        Dmaj9            E/G#
Nor life, nor angels, nor powers principalities 
    A               Dmaj9
Nor things that are present 
                       E      F#m7
Or the things that are yet to come,
    Bm7      Bm7/E        A
Can separate us from Your love;

    Dmaj9                 E  F#m7
Nor height nor depth, nor anything
    Dmaj9            E/G# A
Nor powers principalities
    Dmaj9                E       F#m7
Can separate us from the love of God 
         Bm7       Bm7/E     D A
Which is in Christ Jesus our Lord 

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