God Is Great 

|C |F |G |F |C |F |G |F 

C        F                    G
All creation cries to You
C                        F                  G
Worshipping in spirit and in truth
Am7   F                      G
Glory to the Faithful One
Am     G                     F G F G
Jesus Christ, God’s Son

C         F                        G
All creation gives You praise
C       F                      G
You alone are truly great
Am7  F                            G
You alone are God who reigns
Am7 G     F G F G
For eternity

            C                     F                      G                    F
God is great and His praise fills the earth fills the heavens
                 C                   Am7                              G
And Your name will be praised through all the world
            C                      F                     G                  F
God is great, sing His praise all the earth all the heavens 
                       Am7              F                    G
'Cause we’re living for the glory of Your name
        F       G          C
The glory of Your name

All to You oh God we bring
Jesus teach us how to live
Let your fire burn in us
That all may hear and all may see

C      F        G                                  Am7
Holy is the Lord, the whole earth sings
F                         G
The whole earth sings

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