Covered Me

(Patrice Rhodes/ Kenny Carter)
Verse 1

           D/C          C
When I cry in the night
          G/B        Cmaj7      C      D
Your love is as close as a heartbeat.
               D/C    C
When I feel all alone
          G/B          Cmaj7      Em D
Your voice is as close as a whisper.
   Am7 D/F# Em
I will    not       fear
                   Am7        G/B    D
For Your love has covered me.

Verse 2
              D/C    C
When my heart is breaking,
          G/B           Cmaj7             C D
Your touch is as close as a the wind.
                   D/C          C
When I've lost all my strength,
           G/B         Cmaj7            Em D
Your mercy is as close as the cross.
  Am7 D/F# Em
I will     rise     up
                  Am7      G/B      D
For You love has covered me.


                   Gsus4   G
You have covered me,
                   Em7           D/E Em7
You have covered me,
You have covered me
                  Am7      C            Dsus4 D
With the shadow of Your hand.
You have covered me,
                   D/E Em7 D/E Em7
You have covered me,
With Your Grace,
And with the shadow 

D             G Gsus4 G C/D 

Of Your hand.





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