(Kenny Carter)

Am                               F       G
Every time that I feel like

      Em7                                F             G                  Am F G Em7 F G
I'm falling out
You're always there for me          

Am                                         F        G
Every time that I've needed

        Em7                               F                G             Am
I'm not without Your hand is what I see

Dm7                                                    G
You are my God
To You I belong

Dm7                                             Gsus G
In my weakness You make me strong


C                    F          Am            G
Jehovah-jireh, my Provider

C/E         F                          Gsus G
Lord I praise Your name

C/E              F      Am      G
Jehovah-jireh, my Provider

C/E               F                 Am Gsus G
Forever You will reign

E7/G#                                                              AmG      F
For You O God are high above
all the earth

Am                                 Gsus G
You are exalted above (Psalm 97)

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